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:bulletred:   Welcome to the BARDS OF ANNAR    :bulletred:

A fan based club for all fans of Alison Croggon's Pellinor Series.

:bulletred: THE SINGING :bulletred:

Release Dates:
Aust: June 2008
US: September 2008
UK: September 2008

:bulletred: SUBMISSIONS :bulletred:

Hello my fellow Bards of the world,

Check out the new students we have acquired in the last few months. If they are in your school feel free to show them around the site, help each other out.

I'm putting forward an idea, I'd like your opinions, please.

This club is lacking in submissions of art work. Yes I know I'm away alot but I do log in nearly every 2nd week and there aren't any submissions of art work. so this is my idea.

I am going to offer trophies to the schools that submit the most art work before the end of December. That's right you've got until the end of the year!

So please get those creative juices flowing, support your school. Show some school spirit!!

~ Tari :rose:
First Bard


:bulletred:   JOINING   :bulletred:

Please note there are some new rules

To join just send a note titled "JOIN" to us.

When you join could you please :+devwatch: us and link this club somewhere in your journals or signature. With joining this club we ask that you please comment on other peoples work every now and again and just drop by and take a look at other peoples works too.

:bulletred: SCHOOLS :bulletred:

All members will be placed in a school upon joining the club so please when you send a note to join also put in the note which school you would like to be a part of. Any of the schools in Annar are available.

To see who else would be in your school visit the "Schools and Trophy Cabinet" journal (Link below)

If the school you want has alot of people in it then you may need to put down two options. 1 being the most preferred and 2 your back up preference.

Eg: 1:School of Pellinor
     2: School of Busk

The idea of the schools is to allow you to meet other people in the club and also when contests are held your entries can add to your schools Trophy Cabinet (current tallies are found in the "Schools" journal.)

:bulletred:    SUBMISSIONS   :bulletred:

Send a note entitled "SUBMISSION" to have your work put up.

We ask that you spread your submissions out over a period of time. If any mass submissions are sent only three will be placed up at a time.

In the note please include a link, and any comments you would like in the "artist's comments" section of the piece. The work may already be in your gallery but if not and you would like it exclusively here please email me (Tari.) whose adress can be found on my arts page with an email titled "DeviantArt Bards" and I will put it up.


:bulletred:    ADMIN    :bulletred:

:icontari-xalyr:  < < < First Bard of the Circle

:bulletred:   MEMBERS    :bulletred:

> > > See the "Schools and Trophy Cabinets" Journal > > >…


:bulletred:    OTHER WEBSITES    :bulletred:

> &n…;> > >  Alison Croggon's Website
>…;> > >  SFF World: Alison's Forum
> …;> > > Masthead (Alisons Magazine)
> > > > The Books of Pellinor website

~ Tari :rose:
First Bard


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greenfeed Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009   Digital Artist
greet from germany
DaniCarr Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008
Sweet come on Pellinor school Let's g et ourselves a trophy, sennd in some art
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